20,000 Mows in Stepped Up UG Program

The Unified Government is responsible for mowing parks, the property owned by the Land Bank and the properties of negligent owners who have codes violations. Mowing crews began the season with roughly 6,000 lots to keep track of—more than 700 acres of grass.

Since April, UG Crews and private contractors have mowed nearly 20,000 times. Parks were put on an 8-day rotation, ball fields were mowed every 7 days and street medians were cut every 7 days.

Of the 6,000 properties that had been in our inventory to mow, about 2,500 are privately owned:

“Last year, through our blight reduction program called SOAR, our staff created a strategy that makes it easier for us to identify what properties need to be mowed and what level of attention they need. Our parks and recreation, legal, codes, and public works departments are all working together to establish criteria for what should be mowed and when,” explained Mayor Mark Holland.

A common database is used where properties are entered and the frequency of their mowing is tracked. A semi-rural property with trees, for example, would not receive the same amount of attention as an overgrown lot in a residential neighborhood.

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