2017 WyCo Candidate Forums

Co-Hosted by Business West, Central Avenue Betterment Association, and the Historic Northeast-Midtown Association:

July 18: KCKCC- Upper Jewel (7250 State Avenue, KCK)

  • Mayor (6pm) and Sheriff (7:30pm)

July 19: KCKCC- Upper Jewel

  • Unified Commission (6pm) and BPU (7:30pm)

Co-hosted by The Baptist Ministers Union of KCK and the Kansas City, Kansas NAACP:

July 24: St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church (2200 North 53rd Street, KCK)

  • BPU, KCKCC Board of Trustees, KCK Board of Education (6:30- 9:30pm)

July 25: St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church

  • Mayor, Sheriff, Unified Commission (6:30pm-9:30pm)

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