KCK Mayor David Alvey Announces Staff Appointments

David Alvey, Mayor/CEO of the Unified Government of WYCO/KCK has released the following statement:

“I am pleased to announce the members of my staff.  These individuals were chosen for their passion for our community, their thoughtfulness in approaching problems, and their wide range of relationships and experiences in Wyandotte County.  As a team we are committed to engaging our residents, our businesses, and our neighborhoods in the work of making Wyandotte County an even better place to live and to do business.  I am thankful for the generosity of these individuals.

I have asked, and Maureen Mahoney has graciously agreed, to continue to serve the Mayor as Chief of Staff.  Maureen has practiced law as a prosecutor, as General Counsel for KVC Behavioral Health, and as a Guardian ad Litem representing children in foster care.  In all of her work, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to offer wise, informed counsel in difficult situations, and her relationships are marked by mutual respect and care.  Maureen is well-known not only within Wyandotte County, but as a director on several boards she has worked with regional leaders of the philanthropic, social service, educational, and health institutions that serve the human development needs of our residents.  Maureen’s presence in our region will ensure that the voice of Wyandotte County will continue to be heard.

Christal Watson, recently of the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce, will serve as Deputy Chief of Staff for Neighborhood/Small Business Development.  We have created this position so that we may drive an agenda that will build our city from the neighborhoods up. Christal has a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Development and proven abilities in organizational, business and workforce development.  Christal is committed to creating an environment within our City and County that will attract and sustain small businesses that serve the needs of residents in their neighborhoods. 

Every staff needs a “go to” person, and Lynn Melton, as Assistant to the Mayor, is ours.  As a long-time Wyandotte County resident with over 35 years of experience in marketing and finance, and through her service as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Leukemia Society, Lynn is well-connected and eager to engage our neighborhood and community groups in their efforts to become more effective agents of change.  I especially appreciate Lynn’s ability to attend meetings in my stead and to provide clear, unobstructed feedback to our team. 

Finally, none of us will be effective without Racheal Botello, who will continue to serve the office as our Administrative Assistant.  Prior to her time at the Unified Government, Racheal worked at UMB, utilizing her fluency in Spanish and other talents to provide outstanding customer service. Racheal consistently communicates to others a spirit of openness and of professionalism.

Please join me in welcoming these individuals.”