Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

From our friends at Livable Neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Leaders,

The Wyandotte County Sexual Assault Prevention Coalition (WyCo-SAP) is working with partners throughout the community to address systemic causes of violence.   One focus in particular is on built environmental factors and their impact not only on violence and crime, but of residents’ feelings of safety in their homes and neighborhoods.  We are working to encourage use of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) as a strategy for improving safety, reducing crime, and helping residents feel safe and welcome in their neighborhoods.  Because fear of violence and the physical environment impact so many aspects of life, CPTED principles are useful not only to those of us working specifically on violence prevention, but anyone working on community building, housing, healthy activities, transportation, or planning and development. 

In an effort to build community-wide capacity in Wyandotte County for incorporating violence prevention in environmental change work, WyCo-SAP is bringing an expert from the National Institute of Crime Prevention to KCK to provide a week-long CPTED training, January 22-26.  It will be held at New Bethel Church, and there is both a 3- and a 5-day track available.  This is normally a fairly expensive training that we are really excited to make available for our community.  I am attaching a brochure about the training with more details, and I would be happy to chat with you further if you have any questions.  I hope someone from your organization can make it! 

To learn more, contact Andrea Generoux at (913) 573-8645.