Downtown Spotlight from Jason - October 2, 2018

September was an extremely busy month for public events Downtown, and it closed with a bang last week. The Unified Government staged “Blocktoberfest,” a public event that showcased some new ideas on how our streets can be friendlier to biking and walking (and apparently scooters).

Sixth Street, beginning at Ann, was narrowed for vehicular traffic, and a temporary dedicated bike lane was established down to Tauromee. The UG parking lot at 6th and Barnett was turned into a festival space, with booths offering food, water, information, fresh produce from farmer’s market vendors, and even beer! There was great participation from our neighbors and city staff, as well as local groups just out to see what could be.

The event turned out to be a fine showcase of how we can reimagine our streets to be more welcoming to pedestrians, and what a fun public space that portion of our Downtown can be. There were many calls to hurry up and make those changes permanent. Many thanks to the staff at the UG for making this event possible.

When I talk about growing our Downtown, bringing more people outside into the Downtown is what I really mean. Whether they be residents, employees or visitors, “bodies in the streets” is what really makes our Downtown vibrant and a fun place to be. I hope to see you at the next event.

Jason Norbury, Director
Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas
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