KCK Electronics Recycling Event

From the Unified Government:

Wyandotte County residents can participate in an electronics recycling event that will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9 AM to 12 PM. Residents will need to take their electronics to 4601 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. This is the former Indian Springs mall location. You can enter the drop off location for electronics in the parking lot off 47th Street. 

The event is for Wyandotte residents; it is not for businesses, governments, or institutions. There is not a charge for residents.

Items not accepted at the event include no acids; no film, photos or x-rays; no furniture or file cabinets; no household appliances; no magnetic tapes of any kind; no microwaves; no oil or PCB containing devices; no paints or liquids of any kind; no radioactive materials such as ION scanners; and no refrigerants. 

Although the event is scheduled from 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturday, October 27th; please be aware that if participation is greater than expected the hours of operation could be cut back. No items will be accepted prior to or after this time period.

This event is celebrating America Recycles Day. America Recycles Day, a program of Keep America Beautiful Inc., is a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. Every year on or around November 15, America Recycles Day encourages individuals to reduce, reuse, recycle and buy recycled content products. 

Partners of the electronic recycling event include the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas; Federal Prison Industries Inc.; Phi Theta Kappa at Kansas City Kansas Community College; and Operation Brightside Inc.

For more information about the Electronics Recycling Event you can contact Operation Brightside at (913) 573-8735.