Help Out the Suite 1886 Co-Working Space

From our friends at KCKPS:

Fun. Friendly. Inspiring. Collaborative. Productive. Defining Co-Working is simple as those five words! Wyandotte High School will have the 1st Co-Working Space in a High School in the State of Kansas, Suite 1886!

We are showing our students a better way to succeed and offering them an alternative work environment. Our new space will be filled with supportive communities that will drive collaboration and inspire social, change agents!

We need your help during this transformational process! We are in search of five agencies that will support cultural banners in Suite 1886. Wyandotte High School has students from over 30 countries on our campus. Do you have a marketing or graphic design team members that would be interested in developing digitalized art for a 9 foot banner? This is an amazing opportunity to show your #dottepride, increase brand recognition and build positive relationships with our students at Wyandotte High School.

”Art is important because it allows us to express our feelings. Art demonstrates who we are and where we come from. Murals and cultural banners designed in Suite 1886 will provide a refreshing environment that will energize our creativity. Students will feel comfortable and inclusive.” - Miguel R.- Suite 1886 Creative (Class of 2019)

Interested? Want More Details? Email Sheyvette Dinkens.