Right-of-Way Mowing Changes

From the Unified Government:

The two most recent citizen surveys showed that street maintenance is a top priority for residents in Kansas City, KS. Due to the survey results and the low pavement condition rating in the community, the Unified Government Public Works Department has made significant operational changes to help staff focus on curb replacement, alleyway improvements, and increased pothole patching to help preserve and enhance the streets in Kansas City, KS.

Street maintenance programs require commitment and a disciplined approach at all levels to ensure these costly assets last as long as possible without major repairs or replacement. In order for the Engineering and Streets Divisions to tackle these initiatives, activities that are not required to be performed by the Unified Government, such as right-of-way (ROW) mowing of private property are being discontinued.  Property owners are expected to maintain their property within the ROW, even if they have not it the past. Unfortunately, the Unified Government’s past practice of moving some private property and not others was not fair or consistent across the City.

The Board of Commissioners, has worked with staff to phase out ROW mowing by the Street Division in 2018 and starting in 2019 the Unified Government will only mow publicly owned properties ROW. In this transition year of 2018, Public Works did re-mobilize in August to help property owners that were not used to maintaining their property within the ROW. However in the Spring of 2019, property owners will be required maintain their property that is within the ROW like the majority of property owners have been doing. For those undeveloped/agricultural properties, the policy is that owners only need to maintain 25-ft from road edge or curb.

Public Works Department looks forward to being able to focus more on what is important all of the residents of Kansas City, KS through this change and enhancing streets maintenance in the community.