KCK Municipal Court & Parking Control Tackle Parking Violations

From the Unified Government:

To meet the needs of our current and future customers we have begun an educational and enforcement campaign to increase the accessibility of public parking. Being able to safely park for work, to attend classes, and do business is critical in the achievement of our community goal of improving the quality of life for all who live and work in Wyandotte County. Municipal Court and the Parking Control Department are committed to do our part to meet that goal.

In 2016 KCK Municipal Court began a 3-year approach to improve its enforcement and citizen notification of violations of City Ordinance 35-595. This plan included dismissing old and unenforceable parking citations and improving the quality of the court record. Parking tickets are, in most cases, issued to an unattended vehicle and filed with the Court with only a vehicle license number. This can pose a significant barrier in alerting the registered owner of the ticket. In 2018 the Court entered into a partnership with the Collections Bureau of Kansas (CBK) to assist with owner notifications for parking tickets issued between 2014 and 2016. CBK had the ability to match vehicle license plates with registered owners and provide notification to that person of an outstanding parking ticket. CBK was able to do in days what would have taken the Court months. CBK assists the court with research, collections and disputes.

Here are some commonly asked questions from those who have been contacted regarding overdue parking citations:

I received a letter from the Collections Bureau of Kansas, now what?
Please contact CBK for payment, information about the case or to dispute the charges. (785) 228-3636 or 866-858-3636 www.collectks.com.

But this is not my car and I believe the ticket is not mine.
You should start by contacting CBK. You can request copies of the Court record and file a dispute directly with them.

Is this a SCAM?
No. Collections Bureau of Kansas is a partner with the Kansas City, Kansas Municipal Court and they are contacting you due to an unpaid parking citation.

Will I have an arrest warrant because of these cases?
No. KCK Municipal Court does not issue bench warrants for parking citations issued to an unattended vehicle.

Will this affect my credit score?
No. CBK is not contracted to file any notice with the credit reporting agencies.

Why can’t I pay the Court instead of CBK?
You could be charged more. The Court removed all late fees associated with the citations before sending them to CBK. If you attempt to pay with the Court, you could be charged these late fees which many times are higher than the collections agency fee.

How do I know if I have any other parking tickets with the Court?
The best and most convenient way to do this is to access the public court records through www.municourt.net and search by your vehicle tag number with an unknown last name.

Why is it important to pay my parking tickets?
Fairness. Many other citizens abide by the City Ordinance by feeding the meter and address citations when they are received.

If you have concerns or questions please contact the Court at (913) 573-5200.