BPU Board Approves 2019 Budget

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Board of Directors approved its 2019 Annual Budget for the municipal electric and water utility at its December 19, 2018 Board meeting.  The 2019 budget totaling $381 million is approximately $11 million less than the 2018 budget of $392 million.  The decreased budget of 2.8% is mainly the result of lower capital spending.

When looking to 2019, BPU’s major goals and priorities will include the following:

  • Providing cost effective, safe and reliable utility services, including efficient operation of electric and water production facilities.

  • Remain focused on improved customer service, updating business practices and policies as needed to meet the requirements of our broad customer base, putting in place initiatives to make information and services readily accessible across multiple communication platforms, and ensuring use of industry best practices in achieving these standards.

  • Ensuring electric transmission and distribution systems are adaptable to support changes in future power supply sources. Operation of all transmission and generation assets in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner, while working to maintain and update the utility’s infrastructure as needed.

  • Continuing to support and champion renewable energy (i.e. wind, community solar, etc.), while evaluating future generation mix opportunities to ensure sustainable energy usage opportunities for our community. This includes expanding full utilization of the new Community Solar Farm to not only residential customers, but commercial customers as well. Moreover, the utility will continue to monitor, evaluate, and address changes in all environmental regulations.

  • Ensuring continued fiscal sustainability by effectively managing debt coverage, cash-on-hand, credit ratings, and open and transparent fiscal and budget policies.

  • Promotion of on-going energy and water efficiency initiatives through customer education, community outreach services, and targeted programs.

  • Reviewing strategic alliances and expansion opportunities that benefit the utility and the community. Supporting economic development and retention and growth in the service area with other community partners.

  • Identifying and implementing usage of innovative technologies, maintenance of all reliability standards, and development of a safety-conscious workplace that ensures continued electric and utility services.

BPU will continue efforts to improve efficiencies and reduce costs; assist and support community partners and meet and prepare for future customer growth while maintaining world-class customer service.

About BPU
BPU’s water department was originally created in 1909, and its electric utility was operational in 1912. The purpose of the utility, then and to this day, is to provide the highest quality electric and water services at the lowest possible cost. Today the publicly owned utility serves approximately 65,000 electric and 51,000 water customers, primarily in Wyandotte County, Kansas. The mission of the utility and its employees is “to focus on the needs of our customers, to improve the quality of life in our community while promoting safe, reliable and sustainable utilities.” BPU’s Web site is www.bpu.com.