UG Joins Lawsuits Against Opioid Industry

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City is joining more than 1,000 other state and local governments across the country in suing manufacturers and distributors in the prescription opioid industry.

The lawsuit contends opioid makers sparked a public health crisis by misleading doctors about the dangers of the drugs and allowing suspiciously large shipments to flood into their jurisdictions.

“These actions have greatly enriched the manufacturers and distributors who have profited immensely from the rampant overuse, abuse and addiction to prescription opioids,” contends the lawsuit filed in federal court by the Kansas City law firm of Wagstaff & Cartmell.

“Cities and counties throughout Kansas and the country continue to expend public funds to counter the public nuisance of the opioid epidemic caused by the failure of manufacturers and distributors to adequately monitor and report suspicious prescribing activity over the course of several years. Our lawsuit seeks to recover damages to deal with the ongoing public cost of this crisis,” stated UG spokesperson Mike Taylor.