SOARing in Fairfax

News from the Unified Government’s SOAR Initiative:

On Wednesday, November 28th, the SOAR team went door to door in Fairfax to speak to over 134 businesses about property maintenance and zoning regulations in industrial areas.

SOAR partnered with the Fairfax Industrial Association (FIA) for this project and collaboratively created educational materials to give to business owners. FIA is doing a lot of important work to improve Fairfax and SOAR is supporting these efforts by providing education and enforcement of regulations that were not enforced diligently in the past.

For the second time this year, SOAR utilized a GIS Collector App to collect data while speaking to business owners. The team, made of 5 Code Enforcement officers and 5 other SOAR members, collected observational data on property maintenance at each business and asked business owners questions concerning the number of people they employ, whether they lease or own their facility, if they recycle, and how they can be contacted in the future.

The entirety of Fairfax was completed in one day and the data collected can be used strategically by FIA and SOAR in the future. Now that business owners are aware of property maintenance and zoning expectations in Fairfax, Code Enforcement will begin more diligent enforcement in Spring 2019. This will improve the appearance and safety of Fairfax and help make it a great place to work!