Kansas City, Kansas Pet HELP Program

KCK Animal Services, along with area rescue groups, shelters, outreach teams, pet advocates and other kind-hearted citizens have formed a coalition to work together to make KCK a better place for people and pets.

The KCK Pet HELP Program, a Coalition for Animal Services, was formed in 2016 to develop a thoughtful, cohesive and coordinated set of recommendations to address animal safety issues and resources for the KCK community. The problem of homeless pets in KCK is too big for any one organization to tackle. By joining the talents, resources, and expertise of various participating Coalition organizations, we can cover more ground and have more impact. We can also reduce duplication of effort.

During the weekend of January 13, the KCK Pet HELP Program launched a trap/neuter/release (TRN) campaign to begin tackling the issue of community cats throughout the city. The TRN program traps, neuters (or spays), and then reintegrates cats back into the community and while it may not seem ideal to reintegrate the cats into the community, the cats do serve a purpose – mainly in the form of rodent control. The Coalition is addressing the issue of an overpopulation of community cats. When the cats are not neutered/spayed, they can have hundreds of kittens in their lifetime (just one cat can have up to 180 kittens in her lifetime!); this program is tackling this issue head-on. With the help of the TNR program, we anticipate that the city will see a great reduction in the number of homeless cats in our community by 2020. During the initial weekend of the program, the Coalition was able to neuter 56 cats, and spay 55 cats!

Future TNR clinics are scheduled throughout the month of February and will take place at the Humane Society of Greater KC, Great Plains SPCA, and Spay/Neuter KC. The TNR clinics cannot happen unless there are funds to provide the surgeries and after-care and thanks to the very generous Baker grant, the initial launch of this campaign was a huge success!

If you have information about community cat colonies in your area please email the Director of Animal Services, Jennifer Stewart, at jstewart@kckpd.org and she will pass the information onto the Coalition to get your location added to future TNR events. For more information on the KCK Pet HELP Program please check out their Facebook page.