Airbnb Enforcement to Begin

From the Unified Government:

The Unified Government would like to assist with concerns with the process to obtain a Special Use Permit (SUP) for short-term rental operators. To address a concern about the ability to take new reservations during the SUP process, the Unified Government will allow reservations through May 31, 2018, per below. The Unified Government is extending the time to make application for the SUP until January 26, 2018.

Therefore, the Unified Government is delaying enforcement and the required application date on these facilities and allowing new reservations to be made for the facility until May 31, 2018, provided the operation accomplishes the three (3) criteria below:

  1. Make application for the required SUP by January 26, 2018. (a one-month delay from the original date)
  2. The operation progresses through the SUP process without creating any delays in the process.
  3. No reservations taken for dates after May 31, 2018. (approximately 6 months of additional reservations - applies even if an application is not approved)

Planning Staff is available to assist you through the application process and answer any questions at or (913) 573-5756.

Short-term rental activities of residential properties are classified as commercial activities under the Unified Government (UG) Code of Ordinances. As such, they may only operate in a residential district with approval of a Special Use Permit (SUP), see Section 27-593(a)(12, 28) of the Unified Government Code of Ordinances. The UG is providing hosts and property owners this informative letter related to short-term rentals, with the goal of maintaining a positive community interaction, in line with the results of a community survey conducted by the Unified Government in 2016. The survey indicated strong resident support for improving and maintaining residential areas of the City.

The UG requires that all hosts and/or property owners of short-term rental properties take action to ensure that such activity is in compliance with current City Codes and Ordinances. There is an established application process to obtain SUP approval from the Board of Commissioners. Please note the 70-day timeline associated with the SUP application as you work to bring your property into compliance.

Special Use Permit applications are available online at the Urban Planning and Land Use Department website, using the following link:

It is our goal to achieve compliance without code citations. However, we will assume that properties for which a Special Use Permit application has not been filed with the Urban Planning and Land Use Department by noon December 29, 2017, are subject to citation and other legal remedies if they continue to operate or offer their residential property for commercial purposes.

Planning Staff is available to assist you through the application process.