Help HCW "CHIP" Away at Poor Health Outcomes

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) process is well underway in Wyandotte County.  The Health Department and its many partner organizations are convening committee planning meetings to set goals and objectives in response to the Community Health Assessment (CHA) conducted in 2017. The CHA identified four target areas: safe and affordable housing, jobs and education, violence, and access to health care.  These issues have a direct and powerful impact on the health outcomes experienced across Wyandotte County.
The planning committees are diligently working to identify meaningful and achievable objectives that will guide their work as they move into action planning and implementation.  The CHIP planning process will wrap up this May when the Health Department and its partners begin the very important work of putting the CHIP into practice for the residents of Wyandotte County. 

To learn more about the CHIP process or participate in one of the subcommittees, please contact the Health Department’s Health Improvement Planning Coordinator, Juliann Van Liew: