Workforce Partnership Youth Summer Employment Opportunities

Workforce Partnership is offering a Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) to select young adults residing in Wyandotte County.  Participants will have an opportunity to actively participate in the workforce, and a chance to explore different industries, such as Healthcare, Early Childhood Education, Construction, Information Technology, Administrative & Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Warehousing/Logistics.

For some young adults, this will be their first employment experience.  For others, it will offer additional, real-world experience in high-demand industries.

Workforce Partnership’s comprehensive 2018 SYEP will feature the following components:

  1. Soft Skills Training:  Interview coaching, dressing for success, teamwork and problem-solving. Youth will also learn the importance of exhibiting professional conduct and communication in the workplace.
  2. Workplace Maturity: Learning responsibilities necessary to retain a job, such as punctuality, reliability, and dependability, and accepting direction and feedback from supervisors.
  3. Career Training: Certain jobs may require short-term training to acquire necessary job-specific knowledge or a particular credential.
  4. Professional Networking: SYEP will offer unique, inside insights into the functioning of companies with which they are placed, and allow them to meet key contact persons within.
  5. Relationship Building:  Youth will have a chance to develop relationships with coworkers and prove their value to a company, building critical inroads toward future job opportunities.

Workforce Partnership is collaborating with businesses of all kinds and with differing needs.  Thus job duties and work schedules will vary.

The SYEP program is for Young Adults residing in Wyandotte County, ranging in age from sixteen to twenty-four years.  Eligibility requirements limit participation to youth from economically disadvantaged families, or who are facing one or more serious barriers to employment (for example prior court or legal involvement, lack of a high school diploma or equivalent, or a disability).  Additionally, all those selected must make a long-term commitment to participate in additional career and training activities beyond the summer months.

Workforce Partnership is a federally funded, nonprofit organization that offers career and training services for Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Young Adults.

For additional information, contact:

Joy Gilrath
Young Adult Work Experience Coordinator
Workforce Partnership, Young Adult Center
8040 Parallel Parkway, Suite 112
Kansas City, KS 66112
(913) 287-1160