UG Public Works Submits Application for Funding

Unified Government Wyandotte County/Kansas City Kansas Public Works Engineering would like to inform you that UG has submitted four funding applications for projects through Mid American Regional Council (MARC). These applications are currently open for review and public comments. Please take a moment to learn more about these projects and provide your input. Your support is important in the evaluation process. The projects submitted for funding consideration are listed below:

  • Safe Route to School – Phase G, Northwest Middle and B. Caruthers – Sidewalk Improvement
  • 72nd Street (Parallel Parkway to Leavenworth Rd) – Complete Street, pedestrian and bicycle improvement project
  • Unified Government Safe Route to School Outreach and Safety Education Program
  • State Avenue and Village West Intersection Improvements

See below for more information about the funding and access to the application. THANK in advance for your support!!

MARC has posted summaries of the applications received to their website to provide information and the opportunity to comment on the applications. Additional notification of the availability of this information will be distributed in the coming days through the MARC website, various MARC committees, social media, and Transportation Matters, the news blog produced by the MARC Transportation and Environment Department. My apologies if this information is shared with you more than once.

To access the summaries, please visit MARC's Transportation Department web page and click on “Review Projects” at the bottom of the page. To comment on a specific project, open the summary for the project and scroll to the bottom of the page. Comments will be taken through May 4, 2018.

For questions or additional information contact Lideana Laboy, City Traffic Engineering and UG MARC funding application coordinator or (913) 573-5700.