BPU Recognized Nationally for Electric Reliability and Safety

Kansas City Board of Public Utilities Platnium Reliable Public Power Provider Award.png

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) was recognized in 2018 as one of the country’s most reliable and safe electric utilities. BPU is one of a select few of the more than 2,000 public utility companies in the nation to receive the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Platinum award from the American Public Power Association (APPA). The RP3 designation, which lasts for three years, recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate proficiency in four key areas: reliability, safety, training and system improvement. The measurements are based on sound business practices and a utility-wide commitment to the safe and reliable delivery of electricity.

“This recognition highlights BPU’s continued commitment to safety and reliability, and the quality of electric service we provide to our community,” said BPU General Manager Don L. Gray. “BPU’s selection as a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) is a result of our employee’s on-going commitment and dedication, and distinguishes BPU as one of the top public utilities in the nation.”

Neil James, Manager of Distribution Operations at Santee Cooper, South Carolina and chair of the Association’s RP3 Review Panel, presented the designations on April 30th during the Association’s annual Engineering & Operations Technical Conference held in Raleigh, N.C.

“This designation is about more than just reliability. It’s about operational
excellence,” said James. “These utilities and their communities should be
proud to represent the best of the best in the areas of reliability, safety,
workforce development and system improvement.”

About APPA
The American Public Power Association is a not-for-profit organization for the
nation’s more than 2,000 community-owned electric utilities that serve more
than 49 million Americans. It represents utilities and consumers by providing
services to ensure adequate, reliable electricity at a reasonable price with the
proper protection of the environment.

About BPU
BPU’s water department was originally created in 1909, and its electric utility
was operational in 1912. The purpose of the utility, then and to this day, is to
provide the highest quality electric and water services at the lowest possible
cost. Today the publicly owned utility serves approximately 65,000 electric and
51,000 water customers, primarily in Wyandotte County, Kansas. The mission of
the utility and its employees is “to focus on the needs of our customers, to
improve the quality of life in our community while promoting safe, reliable and
sustainable utilities.” BPU’s Web site is www.bpu.com.