Public Safety & Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax

From the Unified Government:

The UG Commission asked KCK residents to renew the 10-year Public Safety and Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax during the regular commission meeting Thursday, April 26th. The Commission voted unanimously in favor of putting the sales tax measure on the August 7 ballot. 

KCK voters approved the 3/8-cent Public Safety and Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax in April 2010 with 70% of the vote. The tax will expire in July 2020 unless voters decide to continue it.
Voting to renew the tax will continue critical funding for public safety and neighborhood projects without requiring a tax increase. The 2018 Community Survey shows citizens place a high priority on public safety and infrastructure improvements.
A yes vote means this critical funding, generating $10-million a year, will continue to support Public Safety operations and Neighborhood Infrastructure projects without a tax increase.
A no vote means the $10-million a year will disappear and budgets for Public Safety, Neighborhood improvement projects and other services the Unified Government provides will face drastic cuts. A property tax increase would be the only way to make-up the loss of the sales tax revenue.    
Visit the KCK Public Safety and Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax web page for more detailed information about the sales tax initiative.