Downtown Spotlight from Jason - June 12, 2018

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Downtown Rotary’s meeting that was highlighted by Mayor Alvey’s first State of the Unified Government Address. The main room at the Reardon Center was very full, and the Mayor did not disappoint. Not only did he speak in general terms about all the great things going on in KCK and Wyandotte County, he took time to actually lay out a policy focus that will impact Downtown KCK (I think for the better).

Mayor Alvey announced that the UG will give a significant focus to the area bounded by Freeman Avenue on the north, Central Avenue on the South, I-70 on the east and 7th Street on the west. It doesn’t take a native Dotte to know that this area of focus intersects a fair portion of Downtown, which means that the Mayor intends to bring positive developments to us over the next several years. This is undoubtedly good news, though admittedly the Mayor was shy with deep details. We already know KU Health System is coming, and we know the UG wants to put a grocery store in that area. The Public Library has plans for redevelopment of the Main Branch, and the YMCA just got a grant to study relocating in that area. So lots of balls are already in the air, and surely more will follow as the first developments occur.

I am not sure what exactly will come, or when that will happen, but as I learn what is moving in that area (and in the rest of the district), I will be sure to share what I can with you, and take your input and concerns to our community partners. Mayor Alvey’s speech could be, in time, seen as the beginning of a big wave of changes in our Downtown. Let’s hang on for the ride.

Jason Norbury, Director
Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas
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