Downtown Spotlight from Jason - June 26, 2018

These last two weeks have been emotional and trying Downtown. The terrible events that left two Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies dead has impacted us all, none more so than the families of the deceased and the public safety community. Our thoughts and prayers are still with all those affected by this tragedy.

While that incident did occur Downtown, it was in no way indicative of the safety and security we experience on a daily basis. We are, in many ways, blessed to have a significant public safety presence Downtown, with Police, Sheriff, Fire, and federal public safety all in close proximity (or headquartered here). Additionally, we have the additional presence of our Security Ambassadors, who help manage the safety and security of our SSMID area. They respond to thousands of calls annually, and have played a major role in the ongoing revitalization of Downtown.

I encourage everyone to take a moment and reflect on the good work our public safety officials as well as our Security Ambassadors do on a daily basis, and if you get a chance, thank them for their efforts to keep us all safe.


Jason Norbury, Director
Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas
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