Downtown Spotlight from Jason - July 10, 2018

We at Downtown Shareholders strive to help our businesses and residents connect with the local services and offices they need to grow their businesses and improve their lives at home or at work. This week I wanted to highlight the help we received from an elected official’s office that has made our work that much easier to continue.

Since we receive some federal grant money, DTS is required to do an annual registration to be eligible to receive those grants. This year’s registration added an additional step (for all applicants nationwide) which greatly lengthened the wait time for getting our authorization finalized. The long, long wait was beginning to make everyone a bit nervous! We reached out to Congressman Kevin Yoder’s office, and they were very helpful in helping get our application tracked down and approved in a timely fashion!  Their quick work on our behalf is one of the ways they support the work we do in Downtown KCK, and it very much helps keep us here “doing the work” of helping improve Downtown KCK. Thanks to Congressman Yoder, and especially Heidi in his office.

This week is marked by two food related events. First is the opening of Tarahumaras on 6th Street. We are very excited to have another fine food option in Downtown. This family-owned Mexican restaurant has an original location on Merriam Lane, and chose Downtown for expansion.

Our second event is our monthly Food Truck Friday, featuring a return of 4th Down Grill, who had a very popular Friday in May. Please join us in the parking lot between the Library and Huron Park on Friday from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm for some good American cuisine.


Jason Norbury, Director
Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas
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