Downtown Spotlight from Jason - August 7, 2018

In July, County Administrator Doug Bach announced that the Unified Government had reached an initial agreement with The Merc to be the operator of a downtown grocery store. He gave some details on the location (the parking lot at 5th and Minnesota) and the cost to the UG, but there were still plenty of questions to be answered.

On July 28, we started to get some more answers from the operator itself. They held a public forum and took time to answer questions from local residents (as well as provide a few yummy snacks). The forum was generally well received, and it promises to be the first of many opportunities for residents, business owners, employees and other stakeholders to have input in shaping what our downtown grocery will look like. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for other meetings and make your voice heard.

The grocery store is not the only food news, nor the only big project that will have an impact on our part of KCK. Work continues on the Mobile Market project, which will help deliver food to residents in our “food deserts” (defined as an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable and/or good quality fresh food). And our local farmers' markets continue to offer fresh produce (much of it locally produced) at various locations in Wyandotte County throughout the growing season. We continue to support these initiatives because it will take many pieces to help make good quality fresh food readily available to all of our neighbors.

And keep in mind the grocery store coming to Downtown is just one of a number of pending big happenings, including the opening of the University of Kansas Health System Strawberry Hill Campus, the next steps of Mayor Alvey’s focus on Downtown and Strawberry Hill, and the next steps for our Downtown library. We are committed to monitoring those changes and helping integrate them into a revitalized Downtown KCK.

Jason Norbury, Director
Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas
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