Downtown Spotlight from Jason - February 5, 2019

Of all the developments coming Downtown, it’s hard to imagine a development more impactful than the Downtown Grocery Store. Not only will the store fill a very important and vitally desired community need, the store will be a generator of tax revenue, jobs and visitors to Downtown.

The grocery store represents a huge investment for the Unified Government, and a significant undertaking for The Merc Co-op, the selected operator. Both the UG and The Merc are taking multiple opportunities to seek public input regarding the grocery store, and that input will be integral in the final plans and designs of the grocery store, which will be located at 5th and Minnesota.

Getting people downtown and getting people involved are two of the most important ways we work to revitalize this wonderful community. I very much encourage everyone to go to one of the four sessions in February – two each on February 13 and February 21 – and give your feedback on what you’d like to see at the Downtown Grocery. Downtown KCK will be better for a neighborhood grocery store, and the store will be better for your input into what it should be.

Jason Norbury