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Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the public meetings for the KCK Zoning Code Rewrite on April 10. Please take a moment to view the meeting exhibits at the following weblink.

They describe topics that will be addressed in the new Unified Development Code (UDC). The UDC will combine our zoning, subdivision, and historic preservation regulations. You're welcome to print and/or share the exhibits with others via email and social media. If you choose to print, please adjust your print settings to letter size (8.5"x11''). 

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The current Zoning Code is one of the keys to implementing the City-wide Master Plan. The UG Urban Planning and Land Use Department has amended the code several times to accommodate new development projects, sign regulations, and other needed changes. As part of the Zoning Code Rewrite, we hope to uncover ways to streamline the development review process, make it easier to accommodate new business types, preserve and enhance neighborhoods, and guide the development of the places community members enjoy.

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