LISC-KC Opens Nominations for Thrive Awards

The Third Annual Thrive will be held on November 15th at the Urban Youth Academy. Greater Kansas City LISC, in partnership with the City of Kansas City, MO, Unified Government of Wyandotte County, and EDCKC, is hosting this unique community development celebration that honors our tireless colleagues and partners working in neighborhoods throughout Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.

Thrive 2019 Award Categories 

1. Organization with Greatest Impact 
Honors an organization/program with a long-standing commitment to a neighborhood(s) and has demonstrated persistence and effectiveness. The organization or program must be able to demonstrate this impact for at least ten years.

  • Has made a positive, outstanding, and consistent contribution to the community for at least ten years.

  • Has provided tangible results concerning community issues through the body of work.

  • Has made consistent contributions to the community throughout their years of service.

2. Community Leadership –1 for Kansas City, MO & 1 for Kansas City, KS
Honors an outstanding individual from each side of the state line who has provided leadership and collaboration--bringing together diverse voices and/or resources to improve the community.

  • Leadership has resulted in demonstrated positive change in the quality of life for Kansas City residents.

  • Leadership has brought together diverse resources and people to effect change.

  • Nominee has demonstrated a history of making substantial impact in the community.

3. Economic Empowerment Award 
Honors an outstanding individual or organization for programs that support a broadly shared prosperity and create significant opportunities for people/entrepreneurs to generate jobs, community wealth or financial stability.

  • In the past three years has demonstrated results in empowering people by connecting residents, businesses or entrepreneurs with the necessary job skills, career development and financial coaching to build wealth.

  • Has consistently demonstrated significant impact to our local economies through small business lending and coaching over time.

  • Has visibly changed and supported the restructuring and attraction of commercial districts through projects completed in the past five years.

4. Building Block Award
Honors a real estate project that contributes significantly to the enhancement of the community—fulfilling a significant neighborhood need and demonstrating superior design quality. This project must have been completed in the past three years and be able to illustrate partnerships and engagement.

  • Project has a significant public benefit and has enhanced the community physically, financially and/or socially.

  • Project involves a diverse body of stakeholders, to include those that are community-based or community-minded.

  • Project reflects the use of quality design and building materials. Project takes into consideration environmental concerns, and is safe and healthy for community members.

5. Young Leaders - two separate awards will be given – 1 for Kansas City, MO & 1 for Kansas City, KS
Honors an outstanding youth (between the ages of 12 and 24) who has provided leadership and collaborative approaches to make a positive difference in his/her community.

  • Nominee exhibits initiative and leadership potential in setting and achieving short and long-term goals for community impact.

  • Nominee demonstrated creative approach to problem solving in the community.

  • Leadership has resulted in demonstrated positive change in the quality of life for Kansas City residents.

Award honorees will receive:

  • a video showcasing their work

  • a chance to share their work and engage with Thrive attendees via an experience station

  • a stipend to create an experience station 

  • recognition on Greater Kansas City LISC’s website and social media

  • an opportunity to be honored at an event in the company of community front-runners, business leaders, public officials and other persons of influence.

Nomination deadline for Thrive honorees is July 15, 2019 at 5:00pm.

Jason Norbury