UG Publishes Budget Workshop Schedule

Unified Government County Administrator Doug Bach is preparing for the “2020 Budget”. Mayor David Alvey and the Board of Commissioners will host a series of public presentations and work sessions during the month of July to review, evaluate and discuss the budget before adoption at the end of July.
Here’s the schedule for the budget meetings and workshops.

June 27    5pm – County Administrator Proposed 2020 Budget Presentation to Commission
July 8       5pm – Budget Workshop (Set MML)
July 11     5pm – Budget Workshop 
July 15     6PM – Budget Workshop
July 18     5PM – Budget Workshop 
July 25     5PM – Final Budget Public Hearing 
(followed by Budget Workshop if necessary)
July 25     5PM – Budget Workshop 
(if necessary)
                  7PM - Commission meeting to adopt 2020 budget

If you’re unable to attend any of the budget sessions, please remember that you have several options to stay informed of the budget process.


If you missed any of the live broadcasts, you always have the option to view the meetings later…

 The option is yours. All budget Workshops will be held in the 5th floor conference room at the times listed above. Budget Presentation and Final Public Hearing will be held in the Commission Chambers.

 Important Note:

The UGTV online VOD and Livestreaming services are not supported by Internet Explorer. The supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

Edwin Birch

Public Information Officer
Unified Government of WyCo/KCK


Jason Norbury