American Royal Coming to Kansas City, Kansas

Last year, the American Royal announced plans to build a $160 million complex north of Kansas Speedway. The Unified Government Commission has unanimously approved an agreement to bring the American Royal, and that plan, to Wyandotte County. The $165.4-million project is in a STAR bond district of 550 acres near 110th and Parallel Parkway. $80-million will be generated by sales tax revenue in the form of STAR bonds. $80- million in private contributions from the American Royal will pay for the rest, with $5.3-million from other sources.

The agreement gives the American Royal 18-months to secure financing and complete the development plan. Construction of the American Royal would start within 6 months of the STAR bond issuance. Core construction must then be finished within two years after that.

“This is about creating a bright new future for the American Royal, and hanging a sign in Wyandotte County and hanging a sign in the state of Kansas that Kansas is open to agriculture and we’re open for business,” said Korb Maxwell, an attorney representing the American Royal.

The development agreement calls for:

  • A 164,000-square-foot livestock expo arena with about 5,000 permanent seats and an additional 3,200 temporary seats for a variety of events.
  • A 250,000-square-foot livestock exhibition hall, including pens for 2,000 animals, for events including a 10-day livestock show each October, and for other events.
  • About 5,000 square feet of office space, including a headquarters for the corporate offices of the American Royal.
  • A 6,500-square-foot Agricultural Education Center featuring exhibits, an interactive museum-based learning environment, and meeting and a professional training space.
  • Additional land for potential future construction of an agricultural headquarters facility and expansion, with retail and restaurant use possible.

The American Royal has been in KCMO for more than 100 years and is well known for its annual rodeo and livestock show, as well as a barbecue competition.