The Armourdale Levee Trail is Growing

There are some big plans afoot for the Armourdale Levee Trail. Below is a map outlining the major points of interest as well as descriptions of different sections of the trail. This information was gathered by student research of the area along with the opinions of community members and trail enthusiasts. Each point of interest contains aspects of the trail that we hope to either improve or highlight. The descriptions of each zone show how the trail changes throughout the journey: Armourdale Levee Trail

In response to our community's demand for continued downtown revitalization, green space accessibility, and vibrant neighborhoods, plans to expand the Levee trail beyond the 1.3 miles opened in July 2014 are already underway.  Here's an image of what is to come:

Armourdale Levee Trail Overall

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to traverse this scenic trail, we encourage you to strap on your walking shoes and get to it!  You won't be disappointed.  To learn more about the trail, click here.

Thank you to the following groups and organizations for your continued support of #OurKCK: