Bike WYCO Racks Installed on Minnesota

Here's a guest article from Rick Behrens about an exciting Downtown development: In spring of 2016, Cathy Harding and Randy Lopez of the Wyandotte Health Foundation decided a bike rack in front of their office would be a practical and meaningful addition to the streetscape at 8th & Minnesota. They contacted Rick Behrens, Levee Trail Coordinator, and Nils Gore, KU professor of architecture at the Dotte Agency.

Nils Gore designed a unique and minimalist bike rack. With a BIKE WYCO laser etching, the rack resembles a bike wheel. This pilot project was approved by the Downtown Shareholders for installation in four locations on the 700 block of Minnesota Avenue. The Wyandotte Health Foundation provided the grant to pay for the four racks. The bike racks, pictured at left, have recently been installed by Public Works in front of the Wyandotte Health Foundation, the KCK Chamber of Commerce, A Cup on the Hill, and the Brotherhood Bank building.

Thanks go out to Wyandotte Health Foundation, Downtown Shareholders, KCK Chamber, Public Works and the Dotte Agency for the successful completion of this collaborative community initiative.