BPU Board Approves 2017 Budget

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Board of Directors approved its 2017 Annual Budget for the municipal electric and water utility at its December 21, 2016, Board meeting. The budget was adopted following a series of public budget hearings during the month of December. The 2017 budget totaling $382 million is approximately $113 million less than the 2016 budget of $495 million. The decreased budget is mainly the result of lower capital expenditures related to environmental projects addressing state and federal environmental mandates and maintaining existing staffing levels.

  • BPU priorities for 2017 include developing and maintaining a stable financial position while utilizing industry best practices.
    • This includes completion of a rate hearing process by March 1, 2017; continue to meet cash on hand requirements as outlined by financial policies; maintain credit ratings and ensure adequate reserves.
  • Focusing on needs of customers through enhancing communications and improving business practices; including a biennial customer satisfaction survey; on-going social media and online outreach efforts; working to ensure customer service call counts and completion rates are above industry standards and decreasing lobby wait times, among other things.
  • Promoting energy and water efficiency through programs and customer education; including coordination of efficiency workshops in the community, and the identification and development of new efficiency programs such as Community Solar.
  • Providing cost effective; safe and reliable utility services which include monitoring and assessing important environmental regulations; looking to future generation needs; mitigating risks of outages due to aging infrastructure, and meeting or exceeding industry averages in system reliability and energy loss percentages.
  • Providing good quality water, available upon demand in an efficient manner to the entire community. Meeting or exceeding state and federal water quality standards, while maintaining an award-winning water system. Trending down main breaks and reducing main leak response times.

BPU continues working to improve internal efficiencies and reduce costs; assist and support community partners and governmental units and meet and prepare for future customer growth while maintaining world-class customer service.