BPU Encourages Customers to Tap Into National Drinking Water Week May 7-13

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) are kicking off Drinking Water Week with the theme “Your Water- to Know It Is to Love It”. BPU and AWWA will celebrate Drinking Water Week by recognizing the vital role water plays in our daily lives. It’s fairly common that when we turn on a faucet we expect clean quality water to come from the tap. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, water is an essential resource to virtually everything we do. Whether the source is ground or surface water, the end product is the result of a thorough process to make sure it is safe for all of us to drink.

BPU continuously delivers safe and reliable drinking water to its service area through its state-of-the-art Nearman Water Treatment Plant, three pump stations, and over 1,000 miles of water pipes. Two of the nation’s largest horizontal collector wells deep below the Missouri River ensure that BPU’s drinking water service is delivered to over 51,000 customers. Additionally, extensive testing from our on-site water-testing laboratory guarantees the supply of the highest purity of water for our customers.

Providing quality drinking water is essential to the health and wellness of the public. The work that BPU performs each day ensures that the water delivered to our customers consistently exceeds expectations. We are committed to providing the best drinking water in the nation today and for the generations that follow.


About BPU BPU’s water department was originally created in 1909, and its electric utility was operational in 1912. The purpose of the utility, then and to this day, is to provide the highest quality electric and water services at the lowest possible cost. Today the publicly owned utility serves approximately 63,000 electric and 50,000 water customers, primarily in Wyandotte County, Kansas. The mission of the utility and its employees is “to focus on the needs of our customers, to improve the quality of life in our community while promoting safe, reliable and sustainable utilities.” BPU’s Web site is www.bpu.com.