BPU Launches Energy Engage Portal

logoThe Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) recently launched the newest way for customers to save energy, save water and save money; the Energy Engage portal on BPU’s website. This new tool puts customers in control of their utility bill, providing them with up-to-date usage and cost information, the environmental impact of their usage, conservation tips, and alerts for easier budgeting. All of this helpful information is now available via one easy-to-use and understandable online portal. Once a customer signs into their own personal Energy Engage dashboard, they’ll be able to see their estimated overall BPU bill for the month as well as current electric and water usage. Customers can also see estimated electric and water usage in dollars. Moreover, they’ll see details on how much they’ve spent on electricity and water so far this month, and how much they’re estimated to spend when their next bill comes. They can see by day, current billing cycle, or current year how much water or electricity they’ve used, with this tool also allowing them to zoom in to see how much they’ve used by the hour.

The Energy Engage portal has some great tips on saving money, electricity and water to reduce utility bills and the impact on the environment. It details how much electricity someone has used compared to the previous month, as well as information on when it’s being used. There’s also an alert option, where someone can set an alarm to notify them when they get close to a pre-set budgeted amount.

To enroll, BPU customers can go to www.bpu.com and click the View Bill tab at the top of the page. Then enter their account number and sign in. Once inside their online account, they’ll click Energy Engage. If an individual doesn’t have an existing BPU self-service account, they can sign up as a “new user” and have immediate access.

To view a video tutorial of the Energy Engage Portal, click here.

For questions or assistance, customers can call BPU Customer Service at 913-573-9190.