Community Health Council of Wyandotte County Leads County-Wide Healthy Living Initiative

health council of wyandotte county

The Community Health Council of Wyandotte County recently announced that it will lead an initiative to help Wyandotte County residents make their communities more conducive to healthy living.
CHC recently received a four-year, $1.6 million grant from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program that helps reduce obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke throughout the U.S.
The heart of the initiative is a community design center operated by the KU School of Architecture, Design and Planning at 611 N. Sixth St. in downtown KCK neighborhood Strawberry Hill.
The space will also double as a learning lab for students and a drop-in resource for residents so that they can get ideas about how to better promote health in their neighborhoods and communities.
"I still believe, and am excited to work with people who still believe, that change is possible, that we are not stuck with the status quo, that the future can be better than it was, that we can turn a community around by making it beautiful and healthy and investing in the individual voices of the people already living there," said Jesyca Hope Rodenberg, CHC's director of communications and outreach.
For more on the project, read the full story on KCUR's website. And to all involved: we're happy to have you in #downtownKCK! We'll continue to keep you updated on this exciting project.

Image via KCUR