Construction Projects in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas

Downtown KCK ConstructionAs part of our commitment to keep you updated on the great things happening in Downtown Kansas City, Kansas, we sat down recently with the Unified Government's Director of Engineering and County Surveyor, Brent Thompson, to chat about some of the improvement underway in our area. If you work or visit Downtown often, you will have noticed the substantial construction project taking place on 7th Street between Tauromee and Washington Boulevard. Now in its second phase, the 7th Street project is focused on replacing worn curbs, updating ADA ramps at current intersections, and performing sidewalk repair as needed. Improvements along the corridor also include the installation of new traffic signals and light poles in areas requiring an update.

"Once the curb work and ADA ramps are complete, we will begin Phase III of the project. Phase III includes milling the road, resurfacing it, and putting down new striping," said Thompson. "We're anticipating that [construction] will be completed by the end of the year."

Improvements along 7th Street are a welcomed update to our city’s core, but what about the increasingly deteriorated Reardon Parking lot near 5th and Minnesota Avenue? We're happy to report that Brent and his team have an update on that as well: "The parking lot will look new when completed" he said. The lot is in for a complete update. In addition to new asphalt, the area surrounding the free-to-park lot will receive new curbs, new sidewalks, and new storm drainage with pervious pavement in some locations. Parking spots will be restriped to serve our community and visitors, and landscaping, which includes various types of trees, will be planted to better represent our city’s welcoming character.

From everyone at DTSKCK: Thank you to Brent and his team for making time to chat with us. To learn more about the projects occurring in and around Kansas City, Kansas, we encourage you to keep your eyes on our Facebook page and subscribe to these useful newsletters:

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