Downtown Shareholders Small Business Grant Program

DTSKCK promotes economic development, housing, wellness, cultural, and social opportunities in downtown Kansas City, KS. This grant provides the small business owner or entrepreneur the possibility of partial “gap filling” which our research indicates is greatly needed. One qualification: you are in, or plan to locate in, our service area: 4th to 18th; Washington to Sandusky. We encourage your questions. Contact us at (913) 371-0705 or Thank you for your interest.


Chuck Schlittler, Executive Director Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas Inc. 726 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 201 Kansas City, KS 66101

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Application Package

    1. Application Form
    2. Business Plan
      1. (A business plan is a document, often developed with the assistance of a lender or business development agency (i.e. an SBA organization), that outlines a description of the business, its history, goals, and size, how its owners plan to meet those goals, plans for the future, and challenges it must meet.) DTSKCK can assist with the development of this document.
    3. Supporting Documents
      1. For each grant category used, supply documentation for anticipated expenses
        1. Predevelopment work: architectural drawings, permit fees, professional fees
        2. Rent Assistance: Copy of Lease/Rental Agreement (six-month limit)
        3. Renovation: Contractor Estimates, or Cost Estimates for supplies
        4. Façade Repair: Contractor Estimates, or Cost Estimates for supplies
        5. Inventory Costs: Budget plan with details
        6. Other Costs: Estimates and/or receipts
      1. Financing information (loans) and/or other grants promised or received.
      2. DTSKCK reserves the right to request additional information

DTSKCK has a written, non-discriminatory policy. A copy may be requested. To download a copy of this information and the Small Business Grant Application, click here.