Free Transit Now Available For ADA Qualified Customers

kcata_logo-svg_We move thousands to work each day with limited ability to get around. So we set out to find ways to create more transportation alternatives. In August, we rolled out free bus fares to riders with disabilities. This pilot program allows anyone who uses paratransit services within Kansas City, Mo., to ride the bus for free if they’re qualified under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The free-fare benefit doesn’t stop at the Missouri state line. It’s also available to Kansas riders in Johnson County and Wyandotte County, as well as neighboring Independence.

The program is emblematic of our core mission at the KCATA. We are giving people transportation alternatives free of the rigid requirements of traditional paratransit service. For instance, Share-A-Fare riders must book a trip a day in advance and provide a 30-minute window when they can be picked up. Under the new plan, they can ride a bus free at any scheduled time of the day. This plan gives people more control over their travel.

So as we reflect on the importance that disability plays in the diversity of our workforce, know that the KCATA is committed to doing everything it can to ensure that everyone has equal access to opportunity. Our free-fare program is doing just that.


Robbie Makinen KCATA President & CEO

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