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Accepting applications for the position of MCSP Program Supervisor until 5/27/16 at 5 p.m. Interested applicants should submit an interest letter, current resume and at least three personal references by email to Supervisory and/or management experience preferred. Previous work with the Criminal Justice system also preferred. Maximum salary for this position is currently $40,000 annually. Humana health and dental insurance available. KCMCC will cover 70% of individual coverage.

MCSP Program Supervisor

Position Description The Metropolitan Community Service Program (MCSP) was created under the umbrella of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission (KCMCC) as a public safety and court services program in 1994 with the following mission:

The purpose of MCSP is to contribute to community betterment in the Kansas City Metropolitan area through the restorative justice process by providing opportunities to perform community service.

Scope of Work: The MCSP Program Supervisor reports directly to the KCMCC Vice-President and/or President, and assumes the management duties and responsibilities as set forth in this job description. The general scope of work is as follows:

MCSP Program Supervisor Position Expectations

The supervisor will work explicitly within moral and ethical parameters. Expectations include to assist management to plan, organize, direct, staff, coordinate, report, and budget for the program and maintain a professional standard of performance ratings in bi-annual employee appraisals.

Professional Relationships

  • KC Metro Crime Commission Board of Directors
  • MCSP Advisory Board Members
  • KCMCC fellow employees
  • MCSP Staff and Contractors
  • MCSP Worksite directors from government service departments, faith-based and non-profit organizations Judges/Prosecutors/Court Administrators in the region the program serves
  • Government partner/representatives at Federal, State, County, and City levels Law Enforcement, corrections agencies, government/private probation agencies

Program Implementation

  • MCSP accepts referrals of clients from courts and are authorized to charge a minimal one-time fee if the client is not indigent to coordinate community service for the client with our worksite partners located across the metropolitan area.
  • MCSP is responsible for providing case management services and tracking of client accomplishments to report back to court jurisdictions.
  • MCSP provides the community with special blight reduction/litter abatement projects funded by grants and fundraising efforts, such as, Adopt Prospect, Adopt Downtown KCK and state/city supported Neighborhood Assistance Programs.

Strategic Planning (as of April 2016)

  • Implement and monitor the MCSP 3 year plan
  • Assist in the implementation and monitoring of KCMCC 3 year plan
  • Measuring program success, i.e., clients served, hours for the community worked, etc. Resource Development for Program

Responsibilities: Position Information: This position is located in the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission offices at 3100 Broadway, Suite 226, Kansas City, Missouri 64111. The position is responsible for oversight and supervision of the 5 to 6 MCSP case workers, working in partnership MODOC Probation/Parole officials and private probation agencies, working with our community worksite partners, and partnering and coordinating with judges/prosecutors/court administrators of the jurisdictions being served. The goal of the supervisor will be to ensure the highest quality of programming for MCSP clients, and collaborate with partners throughout the greater Kansas City community as an endeavor to impact public safety. The supervisor will seek outcomes which are consistent with the KCMCC mission.

Supervisory Controls: This position comes under the supervisory control of the Vice President of the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission and/or designee.

Work Responsibilities:

  • Provides supervision to all MCSP staff, meeting 1:1 with each staff member on a daily basis to ensure program success and staff development.
  • Ensures adequate financial support for all operations by working with the KCMCC Vice President on all grant, foundation, and government funding opportunities.
  • Maintains all reporting requirements and compiles outcomes for each funding source.
  • Develops and maintains Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement with each partner provided services, as required.
  • Develops standardized intake/assessment, goal plans, and other data collection tools for case files and documentation of work performed.
  • Facilitates the bi-weekly staff meetings, periodic Probation & Parole and Law Enforcement meetings, site visits at community worksites, and makes final decision regarding case assignments to staff.
  • Oversees and monitors use of MCSP comprehensive resource database and responds to service gaps.
  • Create outcomes goals/measurements for staff and the program and monitors progress.
  • Attends and provides program updates to MCSP Advisory Board at their bi-monthly meetings.
  • Models high standard of professionalism and leadership for staff, program participants, colleagues and partners.
  • Maintains effective communication with KCMCC management, office personnel, visitors, probation officers, participants, families, court officers, etc.
  • Completes performance reports as required.
  • Reports for work, work assignments and job related functions as needed and when scheduled.
  • Attends meetings with outside groups as required by the program.
  • Follows guidelines established and set forth in KCMCC policy/procedure manual.

Competencies Key values and behaviors

1. Strategic Thinking

  • Displays a broad strategic view by generating winning results
  • Focused on long-term vision, not just next year
  • Demonstrates strong problem solving skills on strategic issues
  • Finds innovative ways and creative means to address challenges

2. Results Focused

  • Possesses a results orientation and holds themselves responsible
  • Committed to act and achieve results with urgency
  • Displays sound professional judgment
  • Embraces change and the evolution of the program

3. Team Leadership

  • Uses influence, problem-solving skills, and charisma to inspire
  • Manages team resources and seeks compromises as needed
  • Promotes respectful team dynamic
  • Promotes healthy work and life balance

4. People Development

  • Coaches and develops talent
  • Provides open and constructive feedback
  • Fosters diversity and the appreciation for human dignity


  • Effectively builds relationships and internal constituencies
  • Is effective within a multi-cultural environment
  • Engages in fair and equitable treatment of others

6.Technical Competence

  • Developed broad knowledge of the criminal justice system
  • Functional knowledge of evidence-based practices in restorative justice.
  • Functional knowledge in project and financial management
  • Models professional and ethical behavior without exception

The Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission is an equal opportunity employer. Job Type (optional): Full Time Salary Range (optional): $30,000 - 49,999

Contact Information Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission Barry Mayer, Vice President 3100 Broadway, Suite 226 Kansas City, Mo 64111 (816) 960-6814