Job Alert: Survey Crew Chief, BHC RHODES


Crew Chief has sufficient knowledge and experience to lead the operation of equipment, field data gathering practices, survey workflows, and application of mathematics in the field to accomplish survey projects.


  • Manages the daily activities and personnel of the survey function
  • Establishes the exact project alignment with the Project Manager or Project Engineer from the corridor alignment
  • Ensures that field information is correct and accurately transferred to the Project Engineer
  • Communicate with the client, when needed, to ensure satisfaction with work performed and to overcome obstacles in the performance of field duties
  • Analyzes survey controls - GPS and conventional
  • Performs ALTA surveys
  • Preparation of Record of survey, maps, plats and legal descriptions
  • Work from notes, sketches, maps and other material to complete survey tasks with a minimum of supervision
  • Utilize technology on projects
  • Stake gates, right-of-way limits and restrictions (trees to be saved, etcetera), locations for hazards, splices, extra depth, pipe locations, erosion control, and marker
  • Survey reroutes
  • Responsible for clear, informative and accurate field notes
  • Take responsibility for the maintenance, repair and welfare of all equipment in the field including the work vehicle


  • Must have an LS or show continued progress towards LS certification.
  • A valid driver’s license must be possessed and maintained.
  • Must be able to work outdoors in all weather and to lift and carry heavy objects.
  • A high school diploma with at least 7 years of experience is required.
  • Must be proficient with data collectors, total stations (conventional and robotic).
  • GPS/RTK experience is necessary.
  • Must understand algebra, trigonometry and geometry.

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