KC Fresh Food Financing Advocacy Toolkit

We are excited to announce our friends at KC Healthy Kids have released their Fresh Food Financing Advocacy Toolkit:

kchk-program-food-policy-coalition-icon-120x142Did you know that 200,000 residents in Clay, Jackson and Wyandotte counties live in food deserts? That means many of your neighbors and friends can’t easily get to grocery stores to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and dairy products.

The problem stems from the inherent challenges of the grocery industry in general, combined with the unique difficulties of owning, operating and renovating grocery stores in food deserts, especially.

The Kansas City Grocery Access Task Force, convened by KC Healthy Kids, is proposing the creation of a Fresh Food Financing fund that would improve grocery access on both sides of the state line. The fund would offer financial tools the grocers need to overcome obstacles to operating in food deserts.

But funding alone cannot solve the problem. Community engagement is key. It can happen through schools, churches and neighborhood and community groups like yours.

Now it’s time for YOU to speak out! When you support grocery store renovation and development, you are giving traction to a virtuous cycle that can help more families put affordable, fresh food on their tables.

This toolkit will help. It was designed to support our partners and community members who want to mobilize and advocate for a Fresh Food Financing fund for the Kansas City region.

The Fresh Food Financing Advocacy Toolkit is packed-full of valuable information concerning what you and community members can do to help bring a much-needed grocery store to Downtown Kansas City, Kansas. To download a free 24-page PDF of the toolkit, visit the KC Healthy Kids website by clicking here.