KCK Water Pollution Control Purchases New Equipment

The Unified Government's Water Pollution Control Department recently purchased a new Vactor Combination Sewer Machine with a special enhancement, the Vactor F.O.G. Buster System. This new F.O.G Buster System is an effective way to break through fat, oil and grease clogs in the sewer, which often leads to spills and overflows that become hazardous to local waterways, ground water and eventually the community.

The new F.O.G Buster system is a cost effective way to manage this issues, but public education is also important to help prevent people from dumping the fats, oils and grease down sewer drains. Educational themed posters have been made and distributed throughout the community.

Key Equipment & Supply Co., a local company located in Kansas City, Kansas, sold the new machine to the Unified Government and donated the cost of the themed wrap design. This is also part of the outreach initiative to help educate the public while the machine is being used throughout the community.