Newsletter Feature from Chuck - March 20, 2017

Good day. Impossible as it may seem, we are almost through the first quarter of 2017. We hope the year is progressing well for your business and/or organization. Downtown KCK continues its progress toward a cleaner and safer environment. That is what the Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District, SSMID, is all about. Known also as The DID, Downtown Improvement District, the district was authorized in 2008 by the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Commission in accordance with Kansas State law. A survey of commercial and industrial property owners at the time indicated 64% agreed to an additional tax to pay for services not provided by the Unified Government, UG. The tax funds cleaning and security services to ensure a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment Downtown.

Last year the UG renewed the SSMID for another ten years. DTSKCK was awarded the SSMID Management Contract for the first five years of the renewal period. DTSKCK had been the SSMID manager for the original eight years. DTSKCK is proud of the work done by our Cleaning and Security Ambassadors.

Cleaning Ambassadors remove trash and weeds on public property. They also report large items dumped in alleys and lots to our partner, the UG Public Works Department. This partnership allows quicker removal of the items and thus a better environment Downtown.

Security Ambassadors provide a variety of services. Escorting to and from a vehicle, assisting the KCK Police Department as extra eyes and ears, reporting graffiti, and responding to businesses when called to help with a difficult situation. To express concerns or receive more information about cleaning and security services you can call the Ambassador Supervisor directly at (913) 387-6331 Monday through Saturday. You can also contact DTSKCK at (913) 371-0705 or email

A cleaner and safer environment. More reasons to call Downtown KCK home for your organization or business. Come be part of our Downtown. Come see why we say that Downtown KCK is everyone’s Downtown.

Chuck Schlittler, Director Downtown Shareholders of Kansas City, Kansas Cell/Text: (913) 620-7480 726 Armstrong, Ste 201 Kansas City, KS 66101 Office: (913) 371-0705