Request for Nominations 2018 Black Achiever Award

From our friends at the Black Achievers Society of Kansas City:


It is that time of year again during which the Black Achievers Society of Kansas City and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) of Greater Kansas City would like to solicit nominations for the 2018 Black Achiever Award. We are inviting you to submit the name(s) of Black Achiever nominees – African American employee(s) within your company in a supervisory/managerial position who exemplify the characteristics of leadership, community involvement, and professional achievement as candidates for the Black Achiever Award. One of the criterion's for induction is a commitment of service for a minimum of two years. Service would include attending committee meetings, participating in community service projects and providing their influence to aid the mission of the organization. Previous honorees should not be submitted.

Please forward your nominating materials to the Black Achiever Society, by electronic mail with pdf attachments of the appropriate completed nomination form.  To obtain a nomination form, contact Satar Brown-Glasco by mail or phone at (913) 481-885 Thank you for participating in the nominating process for the 2018 Black Achievers Awards. In order to complete the process in a timely fashion, we ask that you submit nominations no later than November 1.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.


The Black Achievers Society of Kansas City

Mission: The mission of the Black Achievers Society is to actively respond to the educational, social, and economic needs of the community by providing role models for African Americans and minority youth, sharing knowledge gained through academic and corporate experience.