Small Business Resources for January 2017

DTSKCK's Small Business Grant ProgramDescription: Our grant program assists the small business owner or entrepreneur with “gap filling," something our research indicates is greatly needed. Follow the link to learn more and apply.

Facebook Live Q&A: Financing Options for Your Small Business Description: Did you miss Small Business Administration's Facebook Live Q&A about financing options for small businesses? Not to worry, you can still watch it on SBA's Facebook page.

A Simple Cash Flow Spreadsheet Anybody Can Use Description: If there's just one formal business skill every business owner should have, it's understanding and forecasting cash flow. Uncover 4 important factors that can help you simplify the process by clicking on the article title above.

Top 10 Low Cost Start Up Business Ideas You Can Launch Today Description: Did you proclaim 2016 as the year that you would start a business? Well, it’s not too late! From affiliate marketing to online retailing, the opportunities are endless! Click on the link above to find a full list of ideas that will help you get your juices flowing.

6 Low-Cost Ways to Test your Business Idea Decription: Do you have a new business idea for a product or service? Great! Be sure to validate your idea by testing the market. Find 6 low-cost ways to do so by clicking on the article link above.

10 Essentials of A Marketing Plan in 2016 Description: The world of marketing is changing constantly but there are 10 key components that you should keep in mind. Find out what they are by clicking on the article title above.

5 Ways to Target the Right Audience Description: The most important step in business planning is finding out who your customers are, what their needs are and why they want to buy from you. Is the market right for you? Are you targeting the right customers? Do they identify with your value proposition and your brand promise? Uncover additional tips by clicking on the article link above.

7 Ideas for Marketing to Existing Customers Description: Marketing is more than just about attracting new customers. It’s imperative that you retain existing customers as well. Click on the article link above to uncover 7 ways that will help you to keep them engaged.

Can You Really Start a Business With Just a Smartphone? Yes! Description: Don’t let your lack of resources stop you from starting a business! Find out which types of businesses naturally lend themselves to being run on mobile devices by clicking on the article link above.


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