Summer Spruce-Up and Transitions at Frank Williams Outreach Center

frank williams outreach centerFrom Sherrie Watkins-Alvey, Senior Director, Housing and Employment Services, Frank Williams Outreach Center: It’s been almost four years since we dedicated and opened Frank Williams Outreach Center. Working with staff housed at the facility, we’ve identified that it’s time for a general spruce-up and a refocusing of our mission and purpose.

To accomplish this, we plan to close the building to patron access temporarily – from July 27 through August 7. During that time, we will be repainting and reconfiguring some of the design of the front part of the building. When we re-open on Monday, August 10, we will have:

  • A new name and a new logo (pictured above)
  • A refocused mission: guiding people from homelessness to housed to home.
  • New programming

With a greater focus as a housing resource, we will still provide services including free laundry and access to computers. But we will be shifting from Frank Williams Center being a place where anyone can come just to “hang out” to being a resource to help the following persons with housing and other services:

  • Persons who are homeless.
  • Persons who are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Persons who are clients/consumers of Wyandot Center.

We are communicating this transition to patrons and community partners. We will keep you informed as we approach the date for re-opening.