UG Expands Commitment to Open Data and Transparency

What Works CitiesFurthering a commitment to innovation and transparency, the Unified Government has released a new open data administrative order and data portal - - that will provide residents, non-profits, businesses, and journalists with free access to a growing variety of data sets, as well as new data visualization tools. The Unified Government collects data - a lot of data - on property records, code infractions, expenditures, streets, parks and much more. Making this data publicly available, and easy to access, download and use, means residents, organizations and the UG's public managers can use it to further the public good.

"Innovation and transparency are priorities of my administration and the new UG Open Data portal gives our community better information than has ever been available before. The housing and blight data now available in the portal will help us work with neighborhood and non-profit groups to create smarter, stronger solutions to address blighted properties. We can use better data to improve the health and vitality of our community," said Mayor Mark Holland.

The Open Data administrative order and portal emerged from the UG's work with Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities initiative. One of the two priorities of the What Works Cities project was the development of better open data practices, in order to make the City's data more accessible to the public and to city managers. The new administrative order and open data portal are a significant step towards the goal of making data more consumable and readily available for residents and departmental stakeholders by developing policies and processes to inventory, prioritize, release and maintain data publicly.

County Administrator Doug Bach signed the new open data administrative order, which establishes open data as a priority for departments and sets standards for the release of data sets. As part of the administrative order, the UG is also standing up an Open Data Committee, chaired by Alan Howze, the UG's new Chief Knowledge Officer. The Committee will develop data standards, identify new data sets to be released, and provide an annual update on open data to the UG Commission. "We are excited that the new open data portal will make it easier for the public to access data and information about our community. Our UG data team, partnering with What Works Cities, has been working hard to make more data available, in an easy to access format," said Howze.

"Open data makes it possible for programs such as Code for KC to use data to help create innovative solutions to the challenges facing KCK and the region. We applaud Mayor Holland and the Unified Government team for following through on the commitment to making transparency and open data a priority." said Aaron Deacon, KC Digital Drive Managing Director and a leader of Code for KC, the local Code for America Brigade.

With the release of the new Open Data administrative order and open data portal, the Unified Government builds upon its 2015 release of a financial data portal, and joins communities across the nation who have developed open data policies.

To explore the UG's new Open Data Portal visit -