Wyandotte Deserves - Latino Health For All Coalition

Wyandotte DeservesWhat is Wyandotte Deserves?

An awareness initiative with a simple message—all people in our community deserve access to healthy food, opportunities for physical activity, and quality health services.

Why does it matter?

Our surroundings - our neighborhoods, our parks, our grocery stores - affect our health, as individuals and as a community. Whether our neighborhood has places to purchase healthy foods, safe places for physical activity, and quality health care services or not, influences our health and well-being. Too many Wyandotte residents live in areas where it is easier to buy a candy bar than an apple or safer to stay inside than go to the closest park to be active. Wyandotte Deserves is an effort aimed at raising awareness and building support for the work that community partners are doing to improve the opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors.

What can you do?

Working together, we can make Wyandotte County the place that we all deserve. Join efforts to promote health. Show your support for the Wyandotte Deserves effort by posting Wyandotte Deserves materials in your business, home, volunteer organization, and other places.

Start here! Come to Action Committee Meetings of the Latino Health for Coalition, 3rd Thursdays each month, 11:30-1:00 pm, El Centro.

  • Shop at corner stores and mini-markets that sell fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Encourage your favorite corner store to sell your favorite healthy foods.
  • Eat out at a local restaurant providing healthy menu options.
  • Support local farmers’ markets.
  • Choose healthy vending options. Look for low-fat, low calorie items.
  • Ask your employer to offer healthier options in vending machines.
  • Get out and walk or play in a local park!
  • Join or form a Park Champions group to improve your local park.
  • Make sure you are screened for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • Support efforts to ensure that everyone gets quality health care.

Join us as we work together to improve opportunities to be healthy in Wyandotte County!