Wyandotte Gov Live Streaming Commission Meetings

Hey Downtowners!  The Unified Government of Wyandotte has chosen to start live streaming Commission meetings.  Here's some information Mayor Holland shared with us: UG Mark Holland Banner

The Unified Government has made a significant step toward improving transparency and citizen access, and is now live streaming its Commission meetings.

Are you not currently a resident of Wyandotte County and are feeling left out? Now you can join in on the fun! Were you planning a trip out of town for spring break but were afraid you might miss something? Take your laptop and stream our meetings from the airport!

The UG began broadcasting Commission meetings on UGTV in 2013. After a few upgrades and the installation of new broadcast equipment, Special Session and Standing Committee meetings were added to the broadcast schedule. While this improved citizen's access to the public meetings, you could only view them if you were a subscriber to Google Fiber or Time Warner Cable and located in Wyandotte County. Now, anyone can see the Commission meetings over the internet and on mobile devices no matter where they're located!

You can begin streaming tonight when the UG Commission meets for Special Session at 5 p.m. The video will be available on the Public Relations page of the UG website and also on our YouTube page. You can also find and view any previous meetings you weren’t able to catch live by visiting our YouTube page.

I want to thank Edwin Birch, the UG’s Public Information Officer, his team and also our IT and Bldgs & Logistics staff for working hard to make this happen.

Happy viewing!

Mark Holland

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