WyCo Adult Detention Center Gets New Behavior Management Tool

In July, the Wyandotte County Adult Detention Center became the first jail in the State of Kansas to utilize the latest behavioral management tool in order to meet the modern-day demands of housing a diverse population of inmates. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for securing resources to ensure that all jail operations are legally implemented in a safe, secure, and humane manner. What’s even better is that this new resource was secured and paid for by the inmate telephone services, not the taxpayers! The Edovo tablet was introduced to the inmates of the Wyandotte County jail in an effort to reduce idleness and inmate irritability within the Detention Center and promote education amongst the inmates. This new resource assists in effectively managing/improving jail operations, managing/reducing liability issues, and assists detention center staff in maintaining a constructive and pro-social atmosphere within the individual pods. The jail plays an integral role within the criminal justice system and must respond to many different needs. This tool, along with synergy from other judicial systems, may assist with recidivism.

Edovo is a tablet-based education solution that utilizes a unique learn-to-earn method that drives over 80% weekly user engagement. The Edovo platform operates on a secure network with locked-down connectivity, mobile device management, and administrative tools for monitoring accounts. It has seven layers of security that restricts inmates to only Edovo related content, prohibiting all access to the external Internet. Edovo's administrative portal gives facility staff full access to inmate activity and tablet usage. “The tablets are a game changer. They are the best inmate behavioral management tool technology can provide, and it’s fully funded by inmate telephone dollars,” says Warden Jeff Fewell. These tablets have been tailored to fit the needs of this facility and they allow for growth and development of new programming specific to Wyandotte County that can enhance and contribute to the continuum of existing services available in our community.

This new technology keeps inmates engaged with thousands of hours of academic, vocational, therapeutic and religious content. Inmates can learn at their own pace while earning free entertainment content approved for correctional use. The Edovo tablets also offer i-Pathways core GED preparation program, which boasts pass rates as high as 96%. The jail can improve operations and save taxpayer dollars by uploading our inmate handbook, PREA guidelines, providing law library, and other news and processes onto the tablets.

Inmate programming like this is not just important to the overall management of the jail, nor is it just a “benefit” for the inmates. These programs provide a strategic service to the community. This tool keeps inmates busy and focused on a pro-social activity. It reaffirms social expectations, allows for goal setting, and highlights individual growth potential. The programming content encourages inmates to learn useful skills, continue their education, address a substance abuse problem, receive spiritual guidance, improve their mental health, learn job readiness, work on stress and anger management skills, improve their parenting skills, and ultimately learn ways to change their criminal and anti-social behaviors. By providing inmates with this self-improvement programming tool, the jail is assisting in their reintegration back to the community. And the community benefits by having inmates leave the jail better prepared to live and work as productive members of society.