WyCo Community Health Assessment Nearing End

The Wyandotte County Community Health Assessment survey is reaching its final stages.  From our friends at the Wyandotte County Health Department:

More than 1,300 surveys have been completed and counting. Please help us get to 2,000 surveys by reminding folks to complete the online surveys on web pages, via social media, or in newsletters (www.hcwyco.org/cha) and doing a final push to get paper surveys filled out. If you need a blurb or social media images to include, please email Joanna Sabally, Health Improvement Planning Coordinator.

Please submit any paper surveys you’ve collected to your contact (at KU/Latino Health for All, the United Way, or the Health Department) by Monday, January 23rd. If you have a stack of completed surveys that you’d like someone to come and pick up, please contact Johana Bravo at (785) 864-0512.

Thank you so much to those who have dedicated time and resources to make this community survey a success. As it turned out, it was a big deal to ask people to take 10-15 minutes of their time to fill it out and tell us what their priorities are for their community. It has truly been humbling to see how so many people and organizations have come together to take ownership of this process and make it happen.

Let’s renew our efforts during the next two weeks, and get as many more surveys completed as we possibly can! We can reach 2,000!!!

About the Community Health Assessment

Healthy Communities Wyandotte (HCW) invited hundreds of partners to celebrate five years of collaboration in working towards improved health in Wyandotte County. We have a lot to celebrate now more than ever before as we continue to strive for even more progress into the future.

The Wyandotte County Health Department and HCW are launching a Community Health Assessment process that will culminate in a new Community Health Improvement Plan. This assessment is an opportunity to seek out significant community feedback by gathering resident's opinions on health priorities and integrating that input into a new plan.

"The collaboration among these organizations has delivered real results for Wyandotte County," said Unified Government Mayor/CEO Mark Holland. "Since its creation, HCW has mobilized the community to building more recreational trails. It has started programs designed to encourage our children to be more active and eat well. And it has helped more than 4000 residents get health insurance."

While Wyandotte County celebrates the gradual health improvements, this is also the opportune time for organizations and residents to plan for future health concerns that face our county. The resident survey, an important part of the assessment, will provide information on what residents want to address moving forward and also provides a much-needed refresh and update to our previous assessment gathered in 2012.

"No one in our community knows better how to improve our health than those of us who live here," said Cathy Harding, Chair of the Healthy Communities Wyandotte Steering Committee, and President/CEO of the Wyandotte Health Foundation. "This process has been designed to hear everyone's voice so that we have the best Community Health Assessment process and Community Health Improvement Plan possible."

We are grateful to the Wyandotte Health Foundation, the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County, the United Way of Wyandotte County and various other nonprofit, education, faith-based and business organizations that have been critical in getting this process off the ground.

If you live in Wyandotte County, please take the survey in either English or Spanish.